Sunday track

Every Sunday morning there will be 45 minutes of teaching.
The teaching takes place in several parallel tracks. It will be in Danish, English, Thai and Spanish. Individual classes are not translated into other languages.
The teachers are different competent people from the church, we believe the Sunday tracks are an exciting initiative as there has been a great demand for this.

Life track (theme course):

Teaching will take place on Sundays at. 10.00 - 10.45 in Thai, Spanish, English and Danish in each room.
In Life Track, issues will be raised about our personal relationship with God and who Jesus is.

1 module: (04.11-16.12 and 13.01 - 03.02)
04.11: Who is Jesus? 11.11: Why did Jesus die?
18.11: How can I have faith?
25.11: Why and how should I read the Bible?
02.12: How does God guide us?
09.12: The Holy Spirit!
16.12: How can I stand against evil?

13.01: Does God heal today?
20.01: What is the church?
27.01: Does God heal today?
03.02: What is the church?
Teachers on Module 1: Spanish: Pastor Victor Villaruel; Thai: Pastor Peace; Danish: Tobias Christtreu; English: Palle Flyger, Bolaji, Daniella Crisan

2 Module (10.02 - 07.04)
The next teaching module deals with "Christ throughout the Bible".
Discover Jesus Christ through the books of the Old and New Testament.
Teachers on Module 2: Spanish: Pastor Victor Villaruel; Thai: Pastor Peace; English: Christa Isidore, Brian Isidore,

Bible track (dive deeper into the books from the Bible)

The teaching takes place in Danish and English in separate class rooms.
6 lessons are taught in each lesson.

11.4. - 09.12: Luke Gospel
Luke's gospel is written by Greeks Luke.
He was a doctor of profession and Paul's faithful assistant on his last missionary journey.
Luke tells in detail about the life and deeds of Jesus as well as his death and resurrection. He also guides the church life and personal Christian life!

Danish: Nick Hansen. Nick Hansen is married to Miriam, and together they have 2 children. He works daily in CMF (KKR, TV), and is part of the church's pastoral team.
English: Palle Flyger. Palle Flyger is married to Anne-Marie, and together they have 3 children. He is a minister in the church.

12.16. + 06.01 - 03.02: Acts of the Apostles
The deeds of the Apostles are written by Luke and are a continuation of Luke's gospel. The works of the Apostles begin when the Gospel of Luke ends - with Jesus' heaven. Then, following the lives of the disciples, they follow the life and service of the Holy Ghost. It is the story of the beginning and condition of the Christian Church. Power of the Holy Spirit works in the church and the life of the individual Christians.

Danish: Esther Rugholm. Esther Rugholm is a pastor in the church and has responsibility for the church's life groups.
English: Lucas Skræddergaard. Lucas is a cand. mag. in historie and religion and is currently employed in KIT "Church Integration Service.

10.2. - 17. 03: Romans
The Romans are written by the Apostles Paul. Paul emphasizes in the letter that it is important to understand the meaning of the new covenant that Jesus instituted by his death and resurrection: We do not live under the law (as described in the Old Testament) but under grace. By faith in him, we are saved and have recieved a whole new life.

Danish: Nick Hansen: Nick Hansen is married to Miriam, and together they have 2 children. He works daily in CMF (KKR, TV), and is part of the church's pastoral team.

English: Chuck Haavik: Chuck Haavik is married to Sally and together they have 2 children. Chuck and Sally are from Minnesota, USA. For several years they have worked in Denmark. Teaching about Christianity among students at universities and other higher education institutions.